LOVE AND LIFE - For violin, cello and performance artist, premiered by Red Cedar Chamber Music with Akwi Nji in Iowa City (2018).

GRACE FROM THE CHESS MASTER - For clarinet, violin and cello, Red Cedar Chamber Music in Iowa City (2018).

THE BEAT GOES ON - For piano, Susanne Kessel as part of her 250 pieces for Beethoven Project in Bonn, Germany (2017).

UV' CHEIN - For mixed choir and chamber orchestra, University Synagogue at Kol Nidre Service (2017).

CLOSE-UPS (Through Tiny Eyes), piano, Nadia Shpachenko in Los Angeles (2016).

CURFEW MUST NOT RING TONIGHT - For flute, violin, guitar and cello, Red Cedar Chamber Music in Iowa City (2015).

ARIA FOR WINDS - For woodwind quartet, USC Wind Quartet in Los Angeles (2015).

AERIAL PERSPECTIVES - For flute, viola, cello and piano, Chamber Music Palisades in Los Angeles (2015).

UNDERBELLY - For microtonal piano, Aron Kallay in Los Angeles (2015).

FROM WHENCE IT CAME - For violin and piano, Panic Duo in Los Angeles (2015).

HEART LOGIC - For string quartet, USC Quartet in Los Angeles (2014).

EIGHT LITTLE INVENTIONS - For soprano and cello, Music@Mimoda in Los Angeles (2014).

ELEGY FOR THE BLACK SHEEP - Cello solo, Maksim Velichkin in Los Angeles (2013).

BELLSCAPE - For oboe, clarinet, French horn, bassoon and piano, Pacific Serenades in Los Angeles (2013).

AWAKENINGS - For flute, French Horn, violin, cello and piano, Colburn Ensemble in Los Angeles (2013).

FRISSON - For piano solo, Susan Svrcek - Piano Spheres in Los Angeles (2013).

AMERICAN SPRING - For string trio and marimba, Colburn Ensemble in Los Angeles (2012).

DANCE IN THE DREAM GARDEN - For classical guitar, Shiri Coneh in Passau, Germany in March (2012).

SEA CHANGE - For Pierrot ensemble, Colburn Ensemble in Los Angeles (2011).

WINTER SOUL - For string quartet, The Eclipse Quartet in Los Angeles (2011).

SEVEN DANCES - For piano, Stephen Cook in Los Angeles (2010).

A WARRIORS PARADOX - For piano, Stephen Cook , Music in The Mansion in Los Angeles (2010).

THE GIVER OF STARS - For a cappella choir, the Paulist Scholars in Los Angeles (2008).

METAPHORS AND CONTRASTS - For woodwind quintet, the Midnight Winds in Los Angeles (2008).

ESSAY FOR GUITAR - For classical guitar, Shiri Coneh at Berlin International Guitar Festival (2008).

ANTICIPATION OF LIGHT - For piano trio, Jung Trio Los Angeles (2008).

THE FAMILY OF GOD - For choir and chamber orchestra, Universal Sacred Music New York City (2007).

DIALOGUES ON FREEDOM AND LOSS - For piano, Los Angeles 2006

FINALE FROM TWO TOGETHER AN AMERICAN FOLK MUSIC SUITE - For orchestra, premiered by The Kansas City Symphony ( 2006).

MORE TO LOVE - For mixed choir in Ft. Worth, Texas (2005).

WHERE IS PEACE - For mixed choir and piano, Outside the Bachs Contest, Ft. Worth, Texas (2004).

EVOLUTION AND REMEMBRANCE - For woodwind trio, The International Music Encounters of Catalogne, in Ceret, France (2002).

MATIN SUR LES COLLINES DE CERET for violin duet, Kinneret Sieradzki and Annette von Hehn at The International Music Encounters of Catalogne, in Ceret, France (2002).

OUT OF THE ASHES - For string quartet, The International Music Encounters of Catalogne, in Ceret, France (2002).

MOODS OF A GODDESS - For piano, Carol Honigberg in Chicago (1996).

MICRO SUITE - For violin and cello, Cal Arts Ensemble in Los Angeles (2001).

NOAH'S RHYTHM - For chamber orchestra, LA County Art Museum, Special Concerts, conducted by Steven Stucky (1994).

EYE OF CHAOS - For String Quartet, 1991 American Premier: Arditti Quartet, Los Angeles (released: Albany Records-1995).


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